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Website Design

As Senior Designers since 1996, we have been especially interested in dynamic web design opportunities that involve the use of Flash and/or streaming media. Listed below are some of our projects.

1 ISC Capital Management
Financial Services Website - Current Business News and Market quotes. How-to information on business financing. I developed all of the e-commerce features. Online since 1997.
2 Bio-Elements
A retail and salon website - This e-commerce website, is three websites in one - consumer, wholesaler and salon. I designed and developed all phases of this project. Online since 1999.
3 Visa Buxx -- PocketCard
Visa Buxx is an allowance-based debit card. I designed and built the data model for this site. Online since 1998.
4 One 2 One Interactive
This website controls every NEXTEL cell phone message. I designed the DB2 data model and all administrative functions. Online since 2000.